Larson Financial Book for Doctors

Doctor’s Eyes Only

Exclusive financial strategies for today’s physicians and dentists, written by Larson Financial Advisors, provides physicians with the knowledge they need to confront their unique financial challenges.

The majority of practicing physicians never received financial or practice management training during their years of study. Most graduate with their MD or DDS knowing how to care very well for their patients but have no basis for managing their financial affairs. Doctor’s Eyes Only is the missing financial guide that physicians need as a supplement to their ongoing professional training. These pages include basic financial wisdom that could end up saving a physician millions of dollars throughout his or her medical career.

The strategies and advice contained are unique to the needs of high-income physicians and dentists. Topics include: asset protection, investment fundamentals, tax planning, and practice management.


This book is dedicated to Larson Financial clients across the globe. Thank you for sharing your dreams with us. We are honored to serve your families and humbled by the confidence and trust you have placed in us.

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