Paul Larson is the founder and CEO of Larson Financial Group. A Certified Financial Planner, Paul is a national speaker to various physician groups around the country and personally assists over 140 medical specialists with their financial planning needs.

Larson Financial Group is one of the largest financial planning firms in the country that specializes in working with physicians. Ours and affiliated services include tax planning, asset protection, retirement planning, college planning, investment management, insurance audits, car lease vs buy, practice structuring, contract review, real estate purchases and management, and many other financial related topics.

Under Paul Larson’s leadership Larson Financial Group has grown to become one of the nation’s largest financial advisory firms specializing in doctors and dentists. With several offices around the country, Larson Financial Group serves over 3,500 physicians in aspects of their financial planning.

Paul is also the founder of the Larson Financial Foundation, a charitable organization with the purpose of empowering international communities through sustainable business and sharing hope in places of greatest need. The foundation is actively working in Iraq, Kenya, Sudan and other areas with outstanding business potential. Each year, a portion of the profits from Larson Financial Group is given to the foundation to fulfill this mission.

Paul lives in St. Louis, Missouri, with his wife and eight children – four of which are internationally adopted. Paul’s ambition is to work as an advocate for the less fortunate and work with his clients to leave a legacy for the next generation. That passion has led Paul to take trips to Africa to dig water wells and set-up medical clinics for remote villages, to plant soy beans in Iraq and the Sudan, and to include physician clients on trips to learn how to share their talents with those who need hope.